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Welcome to SSU’s Global Law


Since 2011, Soongsil’s Department of Global Law has taken the role of leading the changing legal conditions. Thanks to the advancement in information technology, the spectrum of international exchange has widened, not just in social, cultural, and economic areas but in the field of law as well. Countries all over the world are attempting to develop a modern legal system to face a drastically changing world. In this process, countries are influencing another, promoting legal exchanges amongst nations. Governments are actively referring to the law and legal precedents of other countries as they amend the law, and it proved that an understanding of U.S law is deemed to be essential knowledge in the global legal market. National lawyers recognize it is important to focus on knowledge of U.S law as well as domestic law. In turn, they have been studying for the American bar exam. Students want to take the law school admissions test(LSAT) to be admitted to a U.S law school. If we hope to become lawyers in modern societies, we must broaden our knowledge of international law. In addition, domestic foreign lawyers are actively finding their place abroad now more than ever and this trend will continue. Many Korean lawyers are thriving in the United States, Europe, all over Asia, etc.

Legal education should actively reflect this changing environment. Our Soongsil Global Legal Affairs focuses our curriculums for the education of International Law, Municipal Law as well as Foreign Law, especially Anglo-American Law. We will continuously focus on achieving the convergence of these different legal areas.

After graduation, we train students bringing them to their best talent as global legal leaders armed with global insight, knowledge, and responsibility. “To enable them to be leaders in the legal field market, capably standing on the top of the legal market at home and abroad.”: this is the vision of Soongsil Global Legal Affairs.

To train students, we have moved away from an unilateral instructor-led teaching method, and especially in the Anglo-American Law education, we practice an interactive Socratic teaching method combined with techniques based on the original language of instruction, and we are leading in this new educational trend.

Additionally, we provide a variety of programs such as problem-solving education and creative-talent education to train and educate students to become global leaders. We sincerely welcome you to Soongsil University’s Global Legal Affairs: The cradle of global leaders.

Department of Global Law
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